High Quality Residential Roofs in West Montreal and Surrounding Areas

The roof is an essential component of any property as it ensures the stability and longevity of the building structure and the safety of the residents. Leaks, cracks or missing shingles can lead to costly damage over time if the problem is not repaired in a timely manner. Argus Roofing Couvertures is a reputable company in West Montreal and surrounding areas with over 42 years of experience in providing high quality repair and installation services for a wide range of residential roofing types. Your property will be in good hands with us! Our team of experienced roofers can evaluate and repair any roofing quickly and competently. You can count on our year-round assistance, so feel free to contact us for a free estimate and we will be happy to help you.

Types of Roofs

Argus Roofing Couvertures has installed more than 8000 roofs since 1978 and among these installations there were some exactly like yours. Our 42 years of experience is reflected in our extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of roofs of different profiles. We repair and install all types of slanted roofs, including:


  • Gable Roof

  • Mansard Roof

  • Ridge Roof

  • Roof with Two Slants

  • Mono Pitch Roof

  • Combined Roof

Here Are Some of Our Trusted Brands:


Roof Inspection

Exterior Roof Inspection

You should not inspect your roof by yourself to begin with. Always ask a trusted roofing expert like Argus Roofing Couvertures to do it for you.

Here Is a Guide to What Argus Roofing Couvertures Inspectors Are Looking for:

We advise you not to start the inspection of your roof by climbing on it. Instead, use binoculars and while looking at a spot where you have a clear view of your roof, search for the following clues:


  • Bent or split shingles

  • Missing or loose shingles or tiles

  • Sagging of the ridge or center of the roof

  • Broken or loose shingles or shingles that are not securely fastened to ridges or edges

  • Missing nails: a missing nail indicates a hole that may cause a leak and damage your roof

  • Exposed nails: they can also lead to a crack where water can seep under the head of exposed nails

  • Rusty metal pieces or missing shingles where a wall of the house meets the roof

  • Overflowing eavestroughs or excess water near the foundation of the house

  • Dark stains on asphalt shingles and/or lots of granules in eavestroughs. This can mean that the granular surface of your roof is crumbling and your roofing needs to be changed

  • Rusty or corroded metal parts or missing shingles in the valley, near the lead vent or near the chimney. You may need to remove leaves or other debris before a proper inspection can be conducted. Remember that piles of leaves and debris in the valley near the vents or chimney can cause problems if they are not removed at the end of the season

Interior Roof Inspection

Do you need a new roof? Sometimes it can be difficult to determine why your inspector says you need a new roof. There are some simple signs to look for.

Continue the inspection from the inside where you need to watch for a variety of new problems. An obvious leak is easy to see, but there are signs that warn you before the problem gets out of hand. Here are a few of them:


  • Sagging roof between the rafters

  • Rays of visible light from the attic. With any kind of roof, seeing the sky through it is never a good sign

  • Signs of infiltration in the attic including stains on wood specifically near vents, chimney or any other hole in the roof or stains on ceiling tiles or on walls or ceiling if your attic has been done up

  • If you find a dark stain on the wood, test to determine if the problem is old or new. If the stain is still wet or soft, if you can drive a screwdriver into it, the problem is new. If it's dry and hard, the problem has already been fixed and you don't have to worry

  • Signs of water damage or infiltration (usually water stains or a sagging ceiling) this can be caused either by a regular infiltration or by condensation due to inappropriate ventilation

If you find any of these signs anywhere on your roof, indoors or outdoors, you need to repair your roof or change it. It will be up to you to decide, depending on the extent of the damage, what is best for your home. Sometimes it is less expensive to change the roof than to repair an old roof that has been fixed several times. Whatever your decision, now is the time to contact contractors, see the estimates and find out what to expect while work is being done on your roof.

Leaky Roof?

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