Roof Restoration in West Montreal and Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed any damage to your roof? Are there any leaks in the attic? Or maybe your roof is just too old? Raised shingles, a leaky roof, lack of ventilation, a hole in the roof: these are just some of the signs that warn you of the need to repair your roof. Argus Roofing Couvertures, a reputable roofing company well known in West Montreal and surrounding areas, can help you assess the condition of your current roof to determine if it needs to be repaired or if you should opt for a completely new roof. Our roofers will quickly assist you with their in-depth knowledge and professional advice tailored to each situation. We are known for the quality of our work, our impeccable customer service and our welcoming attitude. We clean and leave the premises neat and tidy at the end of the project. You can ask us about the types of roofing services we offer by calling us directly or by sending us your questions by filling out our contact form. Our team will answer you as soon as possible.

Ripping Off and Re-Covering

Re-covering consists of installing a new cover when the existing one is defective. This defect can have many causes, including age, storms, poor installation, defective materials, following poor specifications in the construction of the roof, neglect of maintenance or lack of regular inspections.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Needs to Be Changed and Not Repaired?

Go through our exterior and interior inspection section. Many of the inspection points show that a simple repair can be very effective in prolonging the life of your roof. Remember that Argus Roofing Couvertures are experts in roof repairs and our evaluations are always free of cost. However, not all roofing can be repaired and if you need a new roof we will discuss all the options with you such as the type of roof, the type of shingles including cost and warranties.


For more information on what a new roof involves or if you need a new roof, contact our team today.

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Ask our roofers to inspect your roof to ensure that your home is safe from potentially costly damage.